About Kohat Division
Kohat Division is comprising of 05 Districts Kohat, Karak, Hangu, Kurram and Orakzai with a total area of 12,280.55 Sq.Km having a population of 30,92,877. On the North of Kohat Division lies District Peshawar, on the South District Bannu and…....
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Commissioner Kohat Division Kohat
Kohat Division had witnessed severe militancy, sectarianism and historic displacement in the recent past, however, through series of operations and a number of successful interventions, Jirgas/Meetings, the day to day life of the Division has been restored. It... View Details


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Designation Contact / Extension Email Address
Commissioner Kohat 0922-9260001 / 0922-9260002-3 commissionerkohat@gmail.com
Secretary to Commissioner 0922-9260232 commissionerkohat@gmail.com
Accounts Officer 0922-9260235
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